Let's clarify your message and really connect to your customers. 


Social Media Management

Create content on your social media pages, to create and nurture relationships and to establish a solid presence on-line.



To date, email is still one of the best ways to get into your customers’ minds.



Blogging should be a strategic part of your business objectives to build relationships, find new customers and to create valuable content.


Ghostwriting & Copywriting

Mentored by Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, I have experience ghostwriting books, articles, blog posts and reports in a variety of fields. My obsessive research into  human psychology and consumer behavior make it possible for me to write compelling copy for websites, sales pages, landing pages, blog posts and more.


Website Optimization

Certified in website optimization from MECLABS, I work with you and your staff to improve your website’s performance. 



One of my favorite authors and mentors, Roy H. Williams once said, “It’s hard to read the message from inside  your own bottle.” It’s one of the big hazards of being in business. It can be deadly to your company.

Our client philosophy

We strongly believe in all of our clients. In order for us to take on an account, we consider more than the prospects’ end goals need to be realistic for their available budget. Our commitment is such that we, as their strategic partner, must morally and ethically believe enough in them to invest our personal resources.

"When I first started out on my Comic-book career I was TERRIFIED and had no idea where to start or what to do! Kirsten held my hand, talked me down off of various ledges and set me on a straight, uncomplicated and wonderfully exciting path! I can't thank her enough!" 
- Leigh Jeffery | Comicbook Creator & Illustrator  |  Leighjeffery.com