What Clients are Saying

Nothing could have prepared us for how dramatically our business and lives would change when we hired Kirsten. We were at a point where we were debating whether to give up on our small business. 

Kirsten worked with us to develop our business and marketing strategies by digging deep into what we wanted, by coaching and supporting us. She always brought just the right information and insight to the table, and believed in us and encouraged us even when we were beginning to doubt ourselves.

It’s uncanny how well Kirsten understands people - business owners and customers alike - and is able to pull together all the pieces into a mindmap or list that we could actually do something with. Everything she does is tailored to our business, our customers and our specific needs. 

Thanks to Kirsten, our business growth has helped us generate sales levels that we are scrambling to keep up with. Oh, and she’s helping us with the internal systems and structure to keep up with those sales levels, too!

— Anamarie Seidel | Founder of Bliss Kiss™

"When I first started out on my Comicbook career I was TERRIFIED! Kirsten held my hand, talked me down off of various ledges and set me on a straight, uncomplicated and wonderfully exciting path! I can't thank her enough!" 
- Leigh Jeffery | Comicbook Creator & Illustrator  

I was already successful in my field and doing well before meeting Kirsten Nelson, but I felt like I had hit a glass ceiling. My next level goals seemed unattainable with my present approach and it was frustrating. 

After some discussion, Kirsten showed me how my workflow and brand strategy were satisfactory for my present level of success but that the level of success I wanted next called for updating my brand approach, using different standards to make priorities and most importantly, letting go of old work habits that were familiar but inefficient. 

Kirsten was exceptional helping me realize where the inefficiencies were in both how I conducted my day and how I talked to myself. Her unique deployment of modern psychology and intense brand awareness offered me a combined perspective that I have not found in any leadership or business acumen coursework. 

Certainly it was a bit disorienting at first like she said it would be, but starting on faith I quickly began seeing results that seemed unreachable before and my faith evolved into proven results though experience.

I am still working with Kirsten on reaching yet another level of new goals, and I certainly know by now that working with her has increased my efficiency, my positive results and my own personal well-being. 

Kirsten showed me that I can achieve more success with less stress by applying better habits and perspective.

— Shango Los | Ganjapreneur Podcast Host

Kirsten is always delightful to work with. The quality of her work is like nothing I’ve ever seen in a marketer. She’s so good it’s almost scary.

— Brent Foster | Certified Thermographer