A Writer’s Worst Nightmare: 5 Reasons to Back Up Your Files to the Cloud

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare: lost work because a computer is on the fritz. Losing work can be maddening, whether it’s a result of software such as Word or Pages locking up or the entire computer crashing beyond repair. You can protect yourself. Thanks to the technological wonder of cloud computing, you can back up your files to the cloud through various servers, making it possible for you to access files anytime, anywhere.

Last year, in fact, I learned how beneficial cloud computing can be. I was in the middle of a big work project. Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, critical deadlines. One afternoon my son accidentally tripped on my power cord, ripping the plug from the side of my computer. The delicate internal power connection was severed beyond repair. I now had about an hour to get all my work backed up before my battery (and computer) died for good.

My heart sank. Panic began to set in. I called a tech-savvy friend and asked her what I should do. She advised I back up all my files to a cloud backup provider called Carbonite. So I did.

Once I got a new laptop, I was able to easily install all those hours of work within about 15 minutes. It was amazing! A deep, dark writer’s depression was avoided and I was able to get right back to work without missing a beat (except for the moment of silence I took to mourn the loss of my beloved and now defunct laptop).

In case my own story hasn’t convinced you, here are five more reasons to use a cloud backup service:

  1. It’s easy. Really, it is. Carbonite automatically backs up files every 24 hours, running in the background as your computer hums along. Once your account is set up, you don’t have to plug in an external hard drive or remember to initiate a backup.
  2. It’s wherever you are. Whether you’re working at home, in a coffee shop or abroad, the cloud is there, keeping your files instantly accessible 24/7.
  3. It’s cheap. Carbonite starts atas little $59 per year. That’s less than $5 per month. Consider how much you make per hour. A cloud backup service quickly saves you its annual cost by saving you the time and agony of re-doing lost work.
  4. It reduces anxiety. Crashing programs and computers will no longer be such a big deal. You will have peace of mind that your files are safe and secure in the cloud, and can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.
  5. It will save your butt. When working on projects with tight timelines, you don’t have time to start over from scratch the night before a project is due. Cloud computing will save you the agony of last minute panic of lost data.

Regardless of what type of computer you use, eventually you’re going to run into technical difficulties. But those glitches don’t have to cost you the stress of lost work. Whether you opt to try Carbonite or another online backup service, get something. You’ll thank me later.