The Story of TBO Marketing

We are a results-driven strategic marketing agency that takes a different approach to helping you reach your goals. Headquartered in Seattle, WA we take a bit of a different approach to marketing (and we make no apologies for being different). Our focus is not solely on WHAT you should do to increase sales and reach your short-term revenue goals. We don’t do short-term tactics and gimmicks — If that’s what you want, please stop reading and head back to your Google search results.

Before we work on WHAT you should do to reach your business goals, we focus on your WHY and the underlying passion that fuels your drive business.

With your WHY foundation clarified and solidly in place, together we will assess your goals, resources and objectives and map out an individualized plan that is best suited to you and your company. Our clients are located throughout North America in a variety of fields from financing and lending, to health and beauty, to home building, to graphic design and more. We like to say that our business isn’t just about business–our business is people and passion.

Our client philosophy

We strongly believe in all of our clients. In order for us to take on an account, we consider more than the prospects’ end goals need to be realistic for their available budget. Our commitment is such that we, as their strategic partner, must morally and ethically believe enough in them to invest our personal resources.


Kirsten Nelson

A Seattle transplant from Idaho, I work as a marketing consultant, copywriter and ghostwriter–I love geeking out in the world of business and entrepreneurialism.

Anthony C. Garcia

Anthony brings a long track record of success to the table with his experience as a marketing strategist, consultant and a seasoned writer. His experience, insight and direct approach have helped numerous business owners enjoy explosive growth.